LATEST : v1.1.0 - 06.01.2019

  • New UI design : less is more
  • Remove global user types (contractor, collaborator), switching to relative roles (a User is a contractor on project A, collaborator on project B, but all is accessible on the same interface)
  • Add employee functionnality
  • Add tasks functionnality : tasks are similar to tickets but only visible by staff users (contractors, collaborators, employees)
  • New ticket priority management
  • New ticket assignation management (users can ben assigned on tickets or tasks)
  • Attachments can now be deleted
  • Add an project history page : somes actions are loggued like ticket added or priority updated
  • New global dashboard
  • New project dashboard

v1.0.7 - 30.09.2018

  • Add new main Dashboards with data summary for each kind of accounts
  • Refactor monthly interventions limit
  • Remove single project fields 'currency' and 'hourly rate'
  • New design order confirmation
  • New design project invit
  • New subscription packs
  • Add some captchas
  • Reduce new project form
  • New design login page
  • Refactor and new design for projects invitations
  • List pending invitation for projects
  • Fixbug on ticket attachments upload

v1.0.6 - 06.07.2018

  • Add a new interface switcher in the main top bar (in top left corner). Now a contractor can switch from a profile interface to another and use collaborator / customer / introducer functions with other contractors. For exemple a contractor can switch to collaborator interface and see all projects / tickets he is working on as collaborator for other contractors !
  • Update mails sent signature from mailjet
  • Add a warning message to customers before adding a ticket to prevent they can not update it afterwise
  • Add new main dashboard
  • Fixbug on closed tickets
  • Remove priorities numbers on tickets
  • Add currencies on credits list
  • Add number of tickets in projects switcher menu + projects list
  • Add mail notification when a contractor accept a transfered project

v1.0.5 - 26.06.2018

  • Add a secondary display name for contractor (covering collaborators names)
  • Fixbug and refactoring on introducer functions
  • Add ticket number on projects list and project switcher
  • Add currencies to credits list
  • Update positionning system
  • Add bullets list on WYSIWYG ticket editor
  • Add a project dashboard and project editor refactoring
  • Fixbug on "to invoice" list

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